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Can you imagine finally being able to capture scent of the moments?


That warm summer night

near the ocean


That never seen flower

in the remote forest

Image by Mae Mu

Grandmas cookies

on that Chistmas morning

Scent Camera will let you re-experience those moments and emotions once again

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Record scent

Capture the scents that inspire you and bring back beautiful memories

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Release scent

Build your own collection of the scents and experiences

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Recreate scent

Recreate scents to share and bring back emotions and memories like never before

Want to become an investor in first ever mobile scent camera?

72% of people have experienced the scents that they would like to record, but they do not have technology to record, store, and release scents.

Initial scent camera survey

Want to become a part of first ever mobile scent camera crowd?

Thanks for submitting!

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Let's create future,
where we can build the scent world for ourselves

Patenting Scent Camera

To develop and patent scent recording technology

Scent Camera is developed as a patent pending proof-of-concept prototype  in collaboration with scientists from University of Latvia & Riga Technical University. The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA)  co-financed the project within the innovation voucher programme.

Project number:

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